Thermal Actuator Material Data & Machining Practices

Our Thermal Actuators can be machined from a large variety of materials, but typically the "Cup" and "Guide" are machined out of 360 Brass, and the "Piston" is machined out of 303 Stainless Steel.

We understand that each customer has different qualifications, which require different materials, that is why we are setup to machine almost any material nessessary to suit your application.

Other materials our thermal actuators can be machined out of, but not limited to:

We machine all of our product in house in the USA under our direct control and quality supervision using precise CNC lathes and state of the art parametric modeling software. Our ISO quality program ensures the highest quality product engineered to perform flawlessly.

Our facility setup allows us to provide speedy samples for new projects, and short lead times when manufacturing standard production runs.

In House Machines

  • Ten CNC Lathes
  • One 4-Axis Maching Center
  • One 5-Axis Maching Center

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